Bird Observation Platform Tankow

Bird Observation Platform in Tankow

Cranes, White Tailed Eagles and many more

Ummanz is part of the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park, which is also a resting place for thousands of cranes between mid-September and mid-October. With a bit of luck you can spot cranes from the bird observation platform in Tankow in the evening, when the birds are flying in to their roosting sites in the lagoon where they sleep (advice: bring a pair of binoculars, as you always have to keep a safety distance of at least 200m from the birds). During the day the cranes are on the search for food, especially on the corn fields.

But the bird observation platform is also worth a visit during the other months, as there are also other birds to watch and as you can also enjoy some nice views onto the landscapes of the nationalpark.