Ummanz Visitor Centre


Ummanz Visitor Centre

Information, exhibitions, workshops, E-charging station for cars

In our Visitor Centre, you can get broschures, flyers, maps and other information and tips for your stay or day-trip on Ummanz. Besides, you can also get local products and souvenirs, like Ummanz-postcards (we also sell stamps), cosmetics made with mare’s milk from the Haflinger stud farm Ummanz, local honey, handicrafts and many others.

There are changing exhibitions in the first floor of the building, depending on the season there is either an exhibition about the fishing history of Ummanz or an exhibition about cranes. Sometimes there are also workshops taking places.

On the parking next to the visitor centre is an e-charging station for cars.


Ummanz Visitor Centre
Neue Str.63a
D-18569 Ummanz
Fon: +4938305-53481