Bistro Kutterschnute in the former Parish Barn

Local and delicious food as well as unique  products  with a panoramic harbour view.

The bistro “Kutterschnute” is anchoring on Ummanz since October 2021. The Kutterschnute invites you to enjoy tasty local specialities and to discover quality products and souvenirs to bring home – whether you need a postcard, gum boots or a delicate wine, you can find it all here.

And don’t miss out on their great fish soup and freshly made fish rolls. If you’re not that much into fish, there are plenty more mouth-watering things to eat: potato salad, cheese platters or assorted cold cuts.
For dessert you can choose between different home-made cakes or semolina porride (for a throwback to childhood).

The beautiful half-timber house with the large panoramic windows enables you to lay back and enjoy the scenery of Ummanz island.

Am Focker Strom 2
18569 Waase
Phone: 038305-565620

Mail: andrea.koester@kutterschnute.de