Holiday Apartments „Alte Scheune am Focker Strom“

110 – 120 qm apartments for a maximum of 4 adults + 2 small children, with 5-star comfort, fireplace and private sauna

Besides the unique panoramic view at the harbour of Ummanz and its small lighthouse, there are many other feelgood-factors resulting in a special atmosphere at the three holiday apartments in Waase.

A spacious room arrangement, 5m high ceilings and a bright interior create a feeling to take a deep breathe and to recover from everyday stress.

The large 110-120 qm holiday apartments on two levels are equipped with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one kitchen with high-quality gadgets and a well-spaced living room.

Besides, there ist also high-speed WIFI, HDTV and a hifi-stereo-equipment. A balcony, the fireplace in the livingroom and the private sauna enable the guests to enjoy every kind of weather and season.
Dogs are welcome!


c a l l s e n – appartements
Am Focker Strom 1a+1b+1c+1d
18569 Waase / Ummanz
Phone: 038393 / 40 12-0