National Park Exhibition

National Park Exhibition

‘Treasures of Ummanz’

 The colourful diversity of the isle of Ummanz and the national park represent the main focus of the small exhibition that has been renewed in 2018. The exhibition is located in the same building, that also locates the Tourist information.

After looking at the experience tips in the foyer tourists can start right into the reed. Small and large animals can be found in its thicket. That cross-country hiking in the national park is not a good idea is made obvious in the next room. Amazing nature photographs and videos show the beauty and the biological variety of the protective area, including cranes, seals and sea-eagles. Where do the greatest dangers or scopes of the biological variety lie? Everyone can puzzle over this question and weigh it up in a game. Which landscape weighs more? Where do most of the species live? The exhibition about the biological diversity was brought to life in cooperation with “Ostseestiftung”, as a project partner of the hotspot project “Schatzküste”, with the national park department Vorpommern and the community of Ummanz.

The exhibition is without charge and self-explanatory, bilingual (German/English) and suited for wheelchair users.

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